How long in advance should I book the session?

Well, sooner is better. However I will always try to handle last minute bookings, too.

How many people can join the session?

Basically up to 10. In case you were a group of more than 4, I'd recommend to plan a 1,5-2 hours session. Are you a group of more, than 10? Please drop me a line to discuss the details.

How does the payment work?

50.00 EUR deposit is required to save the date for your booking, which can be paid via PayPal or bank transfer. The remaining amount is due after the session and it can be managed in cash onsite at the end of the photo shoot or by using the above mentioned methods. You could also prepay the full amount, if you wished to.

What happens if I'm running late?

Please call, or send me a note as soon as possible. Please note, that I might have another session right after the one with you, which means I will not be able to extend the tour. In such a case you can use only the remaining time. Even if I do not have another session following yours and you would like to extend the session with time passed due to being late, 50% of the minimum package price will be added as an extra charge on top of the basic package price. It is recommended to plan to arrive 10 minutes before the agreed time of the tour.

What happens if I have to reschedule or cancel the photo shoot for any reasons?

Well, sometimes it happens. In case you'd still like to have a photo shoot, I hope to have a chance to reschedule it. In any cases you are kindly asked to inform me about cancellation at least 72 hours in advance. Please note, that the deposit will be refunded only if you cancel the booking at least 72 hours before the session.

What level of retouch should I expect?

The following will be adjusted on the images: lights, shadows, colours, crop, wryness. A basic skin retouch on the face is also included. It means the removal of temporary spots and/or blemishes on the face. E.g. birth marks or scars could be removed or lightened upon request. Slenderizing, or other adjustments to the shape of body, and/or removal of any objects on the image are not offered.

When will I receive the photos?

I work super fast compared to the industry average 2-3 weeks turnaround time. I need only a few days(!) to retouch your images. You will receive the photos via a download link, sent directly to your email address.

Will I receive high resolution images?

Yes, of course. You will receive high resolution, print ready images.

Will you share my photos online without asking permission first?

No. Never. Having your permission some of the images might be shared on the website and/or on social media platforms. However, if you prefer to keep them 100% private, I will obviously respect it. You can decide it after having the edited images seen.

Will I own the copyright of the images?

You will have the right to use the images for personal use only. That means you can download, share or print them, but you cannot sell them. Should you use the photos outside your social media profile (e.g. blog site, other websites, interview in a magazine, etc.), my name has to be added for the photo credit. I retain the copyright of all the images.

Will I receive the unedited raw files, too?

I provide you with the edited photos in high resolution JPEG format. However, I always retain the original raw files. The magic happens only with the retouch of the photos. Raw images are not nice at all, also they don't represent my work. In my opinion it's like going to a nice restaurant asking only for the ingredients, instead of waiting for the cook to prepare a delicious meal. ;)

Photo shoot in severe weather conditions:

In order to operate safely and within the limits of the equipment, severe weather conditions (high winds, lightening & heavy rain) may preclude photography from taking place. It is the responsibility of the photographer to cancel or delay a photoshoot based on extreme weather conditions. Photo shoots will usually continue in rainy conditions as well. Please note, that My Budapest Memories does not take any responsibility for any loss due to canceled, delayed or re-scheduled photo shoots.

Can I choose the images to be retouched?

The photos to be retouched are basically handpicked by myself as per industry practice. I carefully choose only the best of the best, to provide you with a nice and diverse gallery. Should you prefer to choose the photos yourself, you could do that, too, for an extra service fee of € 30.00. This option can be chosen not later, than the day of the photo shoot, and the amount has to be arranged together with the final amount of the session. Picking the option to choose the images yourself I would share a private, online gallery of preselected photos with you on the next day after the session. The gallery would contain low resolution, watermarked raw photos.

I have a question which is not mentioned here

Should you have further questions, please contact me directly. I'm more, than happy to answer.

What locations can we choose for our session?

Basically any! :) Though I honestly love the unique architecture of Budapest downtown - just like most of my clients - we can actually have the session anywhere you would like. Let's chat to find the desired spots for you! You don't know the city at all? No worries, I know Budapest inside out, and I'm more than happy to plan the route. Note: Though I'll help with arranging location permits if needed, any fee to be paid will be an extra on top of my rates.

Do you accept bookings outside Budapest, too?

Yes, I do accept. However my travel costs will need to be added on top of the fee of the photo shoot.